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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is often seen as the most basic program of the Office program bunch. However, it is used the world over, with millions of companies, students and individuals using it every single day.

Despite this many of the features of the program are overlooked, leaving many people using the program inefficiently, which in a company environment equates to lost time and productivity.

To help with the transition from basic Word user to advanced, Kalu has compiled this handy guide to help you understand (and maybe even discover) the finer points of using Microsoft Word.

Turn a PDF into an editable word document

Yes, you read that right, you can edit a PDF in Word, you just have to convert it to a word doc first. Although some of the images may not fully convert (you’ll have to use trial and error for this) in the majority of cases the conversion will work well enough for you to be able to carry out editing the text.

To do this, you just need just to open the file tab and select the PDF that you wish to edit and click yes on the warning message that pops up. You’ll now be able to edit the document in Word.

Convert the data in tables into graphs

Tables are a great way to display data in a document, but what happens if you want to display the relationships of said figures in a way that easily gets the point across? Well, you can add a graph.

Adding a graph to a Word document is a lot easier than you think, simply go to the insert tab and click on the object tool within the object section. This will open the object dialogue box and all you have to do is select Microsoft Graph Chart, the data in the table will then be shown as a graph.

Smart Lookup

Head over to the Insights Pane and you’ll find Smart Lookup. Powered by Bing, this tool is useful for finding out information relating to words and phrases, including definitions and related articles.

Discover more about Word

Training your staff to use Microsoft Word more efficiently can help maximise their potential and increase their productivity in the workplace.

Kalu offers bespoke training courses in Microsoft Word along with various other Microsoft packages, at beginner intermediate and advanced levels.

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