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Reasons To Invest In Health & Safety Training In 2020

It’s important for both business owners and employees to feel safe and protected in the workplace. For owners, it might come across as a costly expense that yields little return but the fact is that Health and Safety is part of law and compliance is necessary. Following regulation as an employer is important as non-compliance could potentially result in a lawsuit.

For employees, it shows them that they are valued by the organisation that they work for and gives them an active role in the day to day safety assessments, it can also give employees the knowledge to highlight concerns they have about potential health and safety risks in the workplace that employers might have overlooked.

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you that Health & Safety is a vital part of workplace life then Kalu has come up with a few more reasons why investing in training is beneficial for employers and employees alike.

Risks are all around you in the workplace

The term Health & Safety has been used as a bit of a dirty word for the last few years, mostly due to sensationalist media reports, however, the truth is that risks are all around us every day in the workplace (as in life) and they’re not always obvious.

Offices, for instance, might seem like they’re a safe environment, however, there are risks such as slips trip and electrical equipment to take into consideration and your staff have a right to know how to best protect themselves.

Remember: There is no such thing as a workplace that is 100% safe!

A safe workplace is an efficient workplace

Taking the time to invest in Health and Safety training can help staff maintain focus on their day to day tasks, without having to worry about unsafe working conditions. The time saved when employees are able to carry out their work efficiently and safely adds to the overall productivity of the organisation.

Reduces the risk of losing staff to injury

Investing in ways to operate your business safely also has the knock-on effect of reducing the number of incidents in the workplace. Of course, even with a strict health and safety policy in place accidents can happen. However, having a policy in place can reduce their frequency and severity, which in turn means staff taking less time off due to injury and ill-health, reducing costs in lost man-hours.

You’ll be complying with UK law

The Health and Safety at Work Act is an important piece of legislation and choosing to remain ignorant of it is against the law.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees and failure to uphold this can result in costly fines and even lawsuits. Employees also have a responsibility to understand important aspects regarding their own and their colleagues’ health and safety at work.

Where can I get my staff trained in health and safety?

Kalu training runs a series of courses tailored for organisations including IOSH and industry-specific courses such as SSSTS CITB.

We take the time to understand your business and can offer bespoke courses, focussing on the key aspects of training that are relevant to your organisation and your staff’s individual skill levels. Contact Kalu today to enquire.

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Kalu have worked with the MTC to deliver appropriate L&D solutions for the Learning and Development interventions that we have required, be they across management development, Health and Safety, Project Management, core or IT skills. Their professional approach, flexibility and expertise ensures us the solution delivered is shaped to reflect MTC working practices, policies and procedures. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mettler Toledo

We have been using Kalu Training for over 10 year, specifically for all our IT training. Kalu always provide an excellent service when arranging the training and assist us with the training needs analysis exercise that our candidates take part in before any delivery. The training needs analysis has helped us group our candidates together with similar needs and knowledge. Kalu receive nothing but praise and gratitude from the employees they have trained at Mettler Toledo. All the training is delivered and carried out to the level that is required by all attendees. When necessary Kalu Training have provided us with in-house training that has been provided for specific related task/process. I would recommend Kalu Training for the support and work that they do.

Charnwood Borough Council

We have used Kalu for a variety of IT related training and we have always been pleased with the quality and value they provide. They always invest time in getting to the bottom of what our learning needs and outcomes are and then offer a selection of flexible options that meet those requirements.

Alpro UK Ltd

Kalu’s training was very professional and thorough, the trainer had great knowledge, delivered the course contents in an engaging manner and was equipped to answer any additional items raised. A great service. Many thanks!

Kalu provided effective training to all my staff - Great!

Great training and venue, well-paced, engaging & informative!



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