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Why Your Staff Should Be Trained In Advanced Excel Techniques

In today’s fast-growing marketplace having the ability to organise, calculate and evaluate quantitative data are important skills for both those looking to advance their career and those at the top. Therefore training in Microsoft Excel is highly advantageous.

Courses in Microsoft Excel provide training in the following areas:

-The visualisation and manipulation of data
-The creation of complex equations relating to finances, efficiency, workflow, inventory etc.
-Cleaning up and preparing data for analysis
-Presenting data intelligently, usefully and professionally
-Quick and accurate information analysis
-Transferable skills from one workplace to another
-Problem-solving using data analysis
-Complex accounting

There are many ways that learning these aspects of excel can be a boost for staff and for the business overall.

Staff will be more efficient at their job

Understanding how to use Excel faster is one thing but understanding how to use more advanced aspects of Excel at a higher level is bound to save you time, adding to your staff overall efficiency.

Employers can make use of a pre-existing asset

Investing in training for Microsoft Excel means that you can make the most of a piece of existing software on your company’s computers. As far as spreadsheet technology goes, Excel is an industry staple, so training staff to become efficient in its operation is not only useful but cost-effective as well.

Staff will enjoy their work more

It goes without saying that if staff feel better equipped and more proficient at their job then they will enjoy their work more. You only have to think of tasks that you’re not great at and those that you are good at yourself, and the difference in the enjoyment of those tasks becomes obvious. Uncovering how to use the more advanced elements of Excel will allow them to power through tasks efficiently meaning they’ll find the work more satisfying.

If you’re looking to boost your staff’s workplace skillset, then contact Kalu training today. We have a range of courses from basic, intermediate all the way to advanced courses including Visual basic within applications courses. Browse our IT courses today to see what we can offer your business.

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We have used Kalu for a variety of IT related training and we have always been pleased with the quality and value they provide. They always invest time in getting to the bottom of what our learning needs and outcomes are and then offer a selection of flexible options that meet those requirements.

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