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How IT Training Can Benefit Your Company

Don’t change the way you work to suit IT. Let IT work for you. 

IT was designed to make working life more efficient, it can save thousands of man-hours and reduce overheads; so, training your workforce to use IT correctly is a vital part of modern business.

Our free training needs analysis helps identify which level is ideal for your team to start at and what content will ideally suit their needs back at work. For example, a team using excel for 5 years, doesn’t necessarily mean they are advanced users.  

What will IT training bring to my organisation?

Investing in IT training can bring about a big and positive change in your organisation. IT reduces frustration to complete work tasks, It is a great way to expand your employees’ knowledge base and develop skills, which is beneficial to them not only as individuals but also makes them more efficient workers which in turn is beneficial to the company.

However many businesses, particularly SME’s find it hard to weigh up the pros vs. the cons of investing in both the time and money of training up their staff due to both costs and time spent out of the working environment. So to aid with this, Kalu has come up with a few pointers to show you just how beneficial training up your staff in IT can be.

IT training can improve employee performance

It might sound obvious, but a well-trained employee is more likely to be able to do their job to a higher standard and handle new responsibilities with more ease than an employee who hasn’t received similar training.  This can only be beneficial to the company.

Your initial thoughts maybe when reading this is, “NO my employees/team are not like that, they know how to use it, they’re ok” or  “We have been managing so far”. The main questions to pose in response is, do we just think because our teams are getting on, that it means they are proficient? Are we working effectively and efficiently? Or are we making do with what we can do? Have you cross-referenced their work tasks to their IT knowledge/experience?

Sometimes we assume because people are getting on with their work they’re ok. Kalu free training needs analysis service can help identify where people’s knowledge is to where they need to be. 

Improves the transition to new systems and technology

If your staff are well versed and trained on one piece of technology, then there is a fair chance they will be able to transfer those skills learned to another system/piece of software and be able to adapt to it a lot quicker than without having been trained.

Training on a new piece of technology as an organisation is the best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to implementing it into the business. This is beneficial to companies in terms of timing, meaning there is minimal downtime when changing over technologies.

Increases productivity and quality of output

It stands to reason that if more of your staff are better skilled in the use of a program or system, then the quality of their output will be better. Knowing the ins and outs of software helps improve efficiency, which in term will allow employees to increase their output. An improvement in quality as well as quantity is good news for any business and far outweighs the costs of training.

We have delegates when attending our excel training courses, for example, say; “A task I was doing was taking me 4 hours to do, I can now do it in 10 minutes and I do this task twice a week!!” Imagine if you have several or 100’s of employees having exaggerated works tasks due to lack of training? One’s bad enough, that’s a loss, let alone half or all of your workforce. 

Looking at a sales force, for example, they don’t want to be sat for hours trying to put their reports, paperwork together using Excel.  They want to be out there doing their job! Admin to them is a job necessity so the most efficient and effective we can help make it for them, the better. The end result is work frustrations are reduced, there is increased morale, wellbeing, and more productive results for the business all around.

Reduces employee turnover

Ensuring your workforce is trained in IT has a positive effect on staff turnover. Employees feel like they have been invested in by their employer, so their morale is much more likely to improve.

Why not invest in training your staff today? Kalu runs a range of bespoke IT Courses, ideal for organisations to train multiple staff in a way that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Our courses include Microsoft, Adobe, and AutoCAD, to name only a few, and each course can be personalised to the exact specifications your business requires, so you get particular focus in the areas your business needs.


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Kalu have worked with the MTC to deliver appropriate L&D solutions for the Learning and Development interventions that we have required, be they across management development, Health and Safety, Project Management, core or IT skills. Their professional approach, flexibility and expertise ensures us the solution delivered is shaped to reflect MTC working practices, policies and procedures. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mettler Toledo

We have been using Kalu Training for over 10 year, specifically for all our IT training. Kalu always provide an excellent service when arranging the training and assist us with the training needs analysis exercise that our candidates take part in before any delivery. The training needs analysis has helped us group our candidates together with similar needs and knowledge. Kalu receive nothing but praise and gratitude from the employees they have trained at Mettler Toledo. All the training is delivered and carried out to the level that is required by all attendees. When necessary Kalu Training have provided us with in-house training that has been provided for specific related task/process. I would recommend Kalu Training for the support and work that they do.

Charnwood Borough Council

We have used Kalu for a variety of IT related training and we have always been pleased with the quality and value they provide. They always invest time in getting to the bottom of what our learning needs and outcomes are and then offer a selection of flexible options that meet those requirements.

Alpro UK Ltd

Kalu’s training was very professional and thorough, the trainer had great knowledge, delivered the course contents in an engaging manner and was equipped to answer any additional items raised. A great service. Many thanks!

Kalu provided effective training to all my staff - Great!

Great training and venue, well-paced, engaging & informative!



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