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Develop your professional career with online training

Have you ever thought of developing your current skill set? Or wanted to acquire new knowledge to help you perform your job more effectively? 

Well, don’t let the current global pandemic put you off! Many companies like ourselves are now offering virtual online training courses so you and your team can continue developing your career and get the skill you need to succeed.

It is important in today’s time to stay up to date with your professional skills no matter what industry you are in. 

As technology advances, working methods and processes also change and evolve. This is why we highly encourage personal and professional development courses to ensure you have the most up to date skills under your belt.  

Professional development is very important for team retention as research from a ‘Workplace Learning Report’ from Linkedin Learning, shows that 94% of employees would stay at a company for longer if they were considered for career and personal development training. 

How developing your skills can help you grow

We’ve put together our top benefits from taking online training courses to further advance your career and personal development.

Enhance current skillset

In this forever competitive world, it is important to stand out from the crowd no matter what industry you are interested in. Having the extra skillset and qualifications under your belt can widen your employment opportunities and help you become a valuable asset to any company.

We all know waiting for internal promotions can be a stressful experience, so knowing you have the correct qualifications, knowledge and experience they are looking for, can help ease the overall process. 

For employers to promote internally helps keep on the job experience within the company.

Helps with personal growth

Training courses are not only about to become skilled in a certain area. They can help you to develop transferable soft skills such as management, decision making, teamwork, time management and many others. 

Build confidence and job satisfaction

No one wants to feel like they are missing core skills in their job, or feel as though a lack in industry knowledge is holding them back from performing to their best. Providing professional development training online helps to boost staff confidence and allows them to excel in their job with the relevant and current skills they need.

Increase career progression opportunities 

Undertaking further training and developing new areas of expertise can help you climb the career ladder and achieve the promotion you’ve been long waiting for. 

By having established leadership training development courses, you can ensure that your organisation is always considering the future of staff and their progression possibilities. 

How can Kalu help?

Whether you are looking to develop your personal skills or enhance your team’s industry knowledge, our team of qualified tutors are able to help. With effective virtual online training methods, we can devise a course plan to suit your needs and requirement. 

Find out more about our virtual online training courses here.

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Kalu have worked with the MTC to deliver appropriate L&D solutions for the Learning and Development interventions that we have required, be they across management development, Health and Safety, Project Management, core or IT skills. Their professional approach, flexibility and expertise ensures us the solution delivered is shaped to reflect MTC working practices, policies and procedures. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mettler Toledo

We have been using Kalu Training for over 10 year, specifically for all our IT training. Kalu always provide an excellent service when arranging the training and assist us with the training needs analysis exercise that our candidates take part in before any delivery. The training needs analysis has helped us group our candidates together with similar needs and knowledge. Kalu receive nothing but praise and gratitude from the employees they have trained at Mettler Toledo. All the training is delivered and carried out to the level that is required by all attendees. When necessary Kalu Training have provided us with in-house training that has been provided for specific related task/process. I would recommend Kalu Training for the support and work that they do.

Charnwood Borough Council

We have used Kalu for a variety of IT related training and we have always been pleased with the quality and value they provide. They always invest time in getting to the bottom of what our learning needs and outcomes are and then offer a selection of flexible options that meet those requirements.

Alpro UK Ltd

Kalu’s training was very professional and thorough, the trainer had great knowledge, delivered the course contents in an engaging manner and was equipped to answer any additional items raised. A great service. Many thanks!

Kalu provided effective training to all my staff - Great!

Great training and venue, well-paced, engaging & informative!



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