Fire Safety QA Level 2 (qcf)

You will learn fire safety on a more deeper scale, by acquiring practical experience with fire and fire equipment. The use of theory is also implemented within this course, making sure you are clear with the essential elements of fire safety and how to proceed when a fire occurs within the workplace. From understanding the functionalities of your fire systems to the causes and characteristics of fire itself, you will be able to analyse, manage and control fire, while keeping personnel safe and secure with the exit system you have ordered them to do.

By successfully completing this course, you will have a further deeper understanding of the risks of fire and how to control them within a secure time limit, ensuring lives are safe and away from danger. With not only understanding the causes and how to control fire, you will also learn the roles and responsibilities of hierarchy and put in place steps to ensure all members of management act accordingly and responsible within the workplace, if a fire occurs.

Topics Covered
  • Risks and hazards within the workplace
  • Fire theory: causes and characteristics
  • Correct procedures of fire exits, escapes and breaks
  • Fire detection: the uses of smoke alarms, heat detectors, alarm panels and call points
  • Understanding your fire service systems
  • How to use extinguishers and blankets effectively
  • The role and responsibilities of a fire warden
  • What to expect: Fire inspections and safety risk assessment
  • The duties and responsibilities of management
Course includes:
National Recognised Qualification
Suitable for individuals or groups
Led by experienced tutors
From £70 per person
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